[TRANS] Oh Boy Junho Interview 2014


Oh Boy Lee Junho Interview

Just like he had filled up our studio with bright energy 2 years ago, Junho came to Oh Boy again.

Idol, actor and the person who always inspires people around him and even the fans to do good deeds – the positive energizer Junho talked about his recent life and work.


It’s been a long while, please tells us what you’ve been up to.

We’re preparing for 2PM activities. We’ve already completed the music video filming, jacket photo shoot and all the recordings. We’re going to release the album as soon as possible. We were supposed to come back in April, but then it got pushed to June, and now the final time limit is set for September. We haven’t decided on the exact date yet, but it should be somewhere around that time. Since the audio recording and music video are complete (that was around February and March), we’re now applying the final touches for the preparation. Personally, my solo album was announced in Japan, and we’re releasing it on July 9th. During the album activities, the nationwide concert tour in Japan starts on July 3rd.

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