2PM’s Junho Donates and Sends His Support to Ferry Victims

Although he wanted to keep it quiet, it has been revealed that 2PM’s Junho donated to the ferry victims and families.

According to the Korea Disaster Relief Association on April 25, Junho made a donation of 30 million won to be used to support the victims and their families during this tough time. After discussing with his family, Junho made the donation quietly, without letting anyone else know.

Meanwhile, after 179 people were rescued on April 16, there have been no additional survivors.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment | Article: Mwave


2PM (-Taecyeon) Baidu King List

Hello we’re 2PM!

Wooyoung: Yes, Baidu K-Chart right where this is. It’s a rising, hot chart where Hallyu Music gathers. Please give it lots of love.

Junho: Hope everyone will also listen a lot to our music in the chart

Jun. K: Then of course we should give Baidu K-Chart a fighting together. 1 2 3, fighting! This has been 2PM, thank you

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